Monday, January 28, 2013

UFO Secret Revealed

It turns out that I am from another planet, and that's why you all seem so weird to me. I can communicate in improvised limited ways, but all in all, I just don't understand you so far. I would like to become friends with some of the earth dwellers, but I can't relate to your interests and problems. I'll keep you posted if the situation improves. Please remember: I mean you no harm. Robby.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Shooting begins tomorrow on a new music video for the N=108 song, Getaway. Cambron Photon has lent an underwater camera, and further shots around the IMS campus are planned if the weather is not too bad tomorrow. The video takes a page from the Itallian Job, and features Robby Garner and Sara Garner in a death defying chase around the aquaducts of Cedartown, Georgia, USA. A cast of thousands and a fortune in animatronics and pyrotechniques assure this will be a video not soon forgotten among the youtube audience. More people should visit to get a first hand glimpse of the technology and the pilots who fly these craft into our subconscious.

Saturday, January 05, 2013


This afternoon I combined two songs into one, by taking the main lyrics from "It's going to take all night" and the melody from a piece that started as an improv one night while playing my synth rack. The improv pieces I attribute to Flux Oersted, the experimental audio wing of IMS. When I polish something into a finished form, then it becomes an N=108 song. That's where I'm at now. I like the duality of running two bands, one improv and experimental, another finished, programmatic, and commercial. Flux Oersted music is free, but N=108 will try to get paid. We may be seeing a live band version of Flux Oersted again soon. Sam Hancock has made some overtures that we may try it again. The line-up is open to who we may invite to join us. Some of the folks I'd like to have in a band are probably not going to be able to pull the load of being in this kind of band though. Let's just say that "automatic for the people" is a catch phrase that may apply to any band called Flux Oersted. For now, you get the two headed hydra-band Flux Oersted/N=108. The song I recorded today is called Getaway.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Improvised Songs

I'm known for my willingness to just put music out that has bugs in it. Some people would worry over every loose note and try to make everything perfect. The majority of my work is completely improvised, or begins with a melody that is later improvised on a synthesizer of MIDI controller. One such song is It's going to take all night. It was completely improvised in one afternoon in my studio, including the vocals. I thought about going back in later and fixing a few rough spots, but on that listening didn't hear anything that offended me. That is not to say that it is a work of perfection, or a masterpiece, it just is what it is. I think a lot of modern music is over thought. I get more from hearing other people's live performances than I do a machined piece of steel. I don't perform live except in the studio, and I rarely do a 2nd take unless it starts out too rocky. More often than not, if I do edit something, I just cut out the glaring errors, and move on. I guess I rely on "happy mistakes" to get me through it all.