Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gilmore Sessions

David stopped by Self house last night for some guitar recording and collaboration on a new song. We've been planning this for some time, and it finally worked out. The guitar part has a jangly kind of REM flavor and is within 4 minutes long. David showed me how to play some accompaniment that he heard for the piece, and stressed a sort of "pushing" theme for the vocals.

He also expressed a desire for a kind of voice, similar to one we used on the Casio CZ-1000, that is similar to the "vox humana" voice on a memory moog. I have the closest thing in the OP-X Oberheim emulator, but may go with a Pro-53 voice for some of the parts.

We recorded the guitar in a neutral amp setting, so that we could build the rest of the song before deciding what kind of amp simulator to use. This is contrary to the Black Sabbath cover we recorded recently, where we wanted the "sound" first before recording.

I've been listening to the guitar track today and have pretty much settled on a vocal line and some of the lyrics, so progress is coming very easily for this one. I think the vocal tracks may enforce David's "pushing" meme, but be very pop oriented.

The accompaniment tracks are revealing themselves to be what David described, but also some good synth parts for the song.