Monday, January 25, 2010

The width of a circle
Greetings for my first 2010 post. Activities have picked up at the Institute.

We are going through some advances in the facilities here at the Institute. Weatherization and painting have been ordered but not scheduled yet. Hopefully, those activities will not be too intrusive.

I'm starting to work on another musical theme, involving the usual suspects in terms of synthesizers and drum machines. Will let you know of progress there.

I had contact with Neil Bishop recently. He is one of the founders of Institute of Mimetic Sciences. He has given his blessings to our current record label aspirations, and some moral support for the rest of our activities. It seems he has started and is involved in some other mimetic research activities. We discussed ramping up IMS non-profit activities, but I declined, siting recent success as a record label, and my predilection with conversational systems outside the HuMimics realm of software systems. We give our thanks and best wishes to Neil, who continues to be available for consultations.

Sara has been involved in fund raising activities, and has helped us get grants in the form of weatherization, and other fund raisers. She is spearheading our January applications.

We remain thankful for our patronage and for the resources we've maintained.

Stay thirsty my friends, and don't let them know you're thinking.