Friday, February 05, 2010

Did you know that my song, Sixteen and SINless was first mentioned in a William Gibson novel?

"Mona could see the sun through a couple of rips in the black plastic they kept taped over the window. She hated the squat too much to stay there when she was awake or straight, and now she was both. She was 16 and SINless, Mona, and this older trick had told her once that that was a song, "Sixteen and SINless." Meant that she hadn't been assigned a SIN when she was born, a Single Identification Number, so she grown up on the outside of most official systems. She knew that it was supposed to be possible to get a SIN, if you didn't have one, but it stood to reason you'd have to go to a building somewhere and talk to a suit, and that was a long way from Mona's idea of a good time or even normal behavior". -- From Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson. Published by Bantam in 1988