Saturday, December 09, 2006

Disk Warrior came through for me and repaired the hard disk on my powerbook. I was skeptical that it would work as I connected the powerbook to my wife's iBook with a firewire cable. The pb booted from her hard drive, allowing me to run the disk warrior utility on a "non-boot" drive. The utility cranked and cranked but eventually finished. whew!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

One change invites many sometimes. Hopefully the server situation is set for a while. I had been running everything on one windows xp box, and it actually handled some high traffic days okay so far as I could tell. Now, I've got things distributed between a tomcat server box and a web server box. It took me a couple of days to migrate and get things working. I didn't realize at first that the polls were broken. That was actually the hardest part to figure out.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

I, am Landru...

As supreme ruler of Beta III, Landru the omnipotent master computer, fell victim to the intellectual ramblings of Captain Kirk. Kirk talked circles around the poor 5000 year old computer system, and made it let the smoke out. Luckily, AIML and JFRED bots aren't so easily argued with until they explode.

All 4 of the bots are working now. A minor internet glitch delayed the beginning of testing on Eugene, but so far so good.

I thought about trying to invoke the Buddhist symbol of the eight spoked wheel as a kind of logo for the Turing Hub, but settled on the penny farthing bicycle. I don't really get what it meant if anything in the television series, The Prisoner. There was just a certain connectedness that I could feel about it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Story So Far... Rollo has been the primary client for developing the Turing Hub Site. Rollo used the Turing Hub in 2005 as a training ground for his Loebner Prize Contest entry. It was much busier than earlier attempts with over 2000 turing tests completed.

I've just installed a voting system for offering polls at the end of conversations. I was using, but it had some inconsistencies that were bugging me, so I went looking for free alternatives and found this one.

I've drawn an information diagram for the site's future shape. What we have so far is pretty bare, and merely serves to test the various components that will eventually be required. Much like Disney World started out without Epcot Center.

Vladimir helped me with getting Eugene connected to my servlets, and Richard gave incentive to fix the ALICE interface so that it works properly now with pandorabots. I had been simply scraping a web page, but they have a nice XML setup, so that is better. I still don't have a way to make the system fallover to another bot if the one you are trying is down.
Turing Hub 2006

The Turing Hub is a kind of switchboard that connects people to chatterbots or other people for the express purpose of having a conversation with something and then being asked to describe what it was you were talking to. This activity is part of the Turing test. What follows is a blog about the automated Turing test called The Turing Hub.