Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Release

Flux Oersted has released a high definition digital album called Subterraneans on BandCamp and in an abbreviated form on the Creative Commons site

This is a very representative album in terms of our style and productions. Some of the songs were originally rendered on 4-track tape, with newer recordings made entirely in the digital domain.

This is all part of a plan we have to start offering 192kb/s MP3's for free, but also offer FLAC, and other lossless or near lossless formats for a small fee. The difference would be lost on most computer speakers, but if you've got a nice sound system, or listen to headphones, you might appreciate the higher fidelity recordings.

Our apologies if this gets cross posted several times.

Flux Oersted featuring Dutch Cartoonist
Photo by Robert Cambron