Saturday, October 27, 2012

October EP

October EP Flux Oersted has produced an EP for the band, N=108, released in late October. Sources close to the band report that it was mostly music included in Flux Oersted's Volume IV, but that individual tracks had been remastered, and the selection includes some of the new writes since N=108 was formed. New Beginning is a song that was written as a TV theme or for the opening titles of a film. It features guitar, sampled, and played through an amp simulator. Response has been good for this song, and expect more of this type in future recordings. Down the Road is a song that carries a spooky Jupiter 8V part, and another synthetic guitar, played through a distortion amp simulator. Very reminiscent of early Flux Oersted, but built entirely in a notebook computer. Robby Garner's synthesizer playing is poetic in the forms that he takes against the other tracks in the songs. He has a knack for tracing the melody of the bass against what he seems to consider as the backing synth line for that instrument. The instruments are all softsynths, and as such, are almost imaginary in their makeup, but once recorded, they become alive in the essence of classic machinery and samples of real instruments that have been plucked out of the imagination and into the quiver of an musical archer. These are all songs that might have been recorded a decade ago with FM synthesizer modules, but here they are rendered with modern synth emulators and samples that sound very much like the original instruments. Bass guitar and electric guitar are set forth in a very complimentary form to the synthesizers. All in all, October EP, is just a taste of things to come. Soon to be released on iTunes and, get a taste of it at where you can find FLAC and other high resolution formats available.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edgar Allen and the Poe Boys

A modern day Edgar Allen Poe, if he would have had synthesizers, Robby Glen Garner makes music of the macabre that follows your footsteps like a landlord without trust. By veil of darkness, by cover of night, he tasks you, he tasks you, until the day be done. Follow the edeavors of Robby/Flux Oersted and his band, N=108, as they mark their path until dawn. You will not be disappointed, and your memories will not be altered. 

We are the music makers And we are the dreamers of dreams - Arthur O'Shaugnessey 1804-1881. (Willy Wonka)