Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dutch Cartoonist

The latest outcrop of mirth from IMS is Flux Oersted's Dutch Cartoonist, featuring Jools Aspinal. Jools has kindly sketched out a few songs for their new release: Solid Mercury EP. This is a 7 song EP that is available for streaming, and free download from FluxOersted.Com. There will be an upcoming album before long, adding more material to the EP's songs list.

What's it like working together with Jools on the EP? "I'm liking the variety of sounds we're getting. I felt like Flux Oersted had fallen into a rut of 80's synth voices and couldn't get up. We're still using the same equipment, just trying to broaden our horizons," says Robby Garner, founder of Flux Oersted Music.

What kind of equipment are you using? "Mainly a MacBook Pro computer and a buttload of software."

What is the inspiration for your music? "I've done a lot of research for this album, reading from history books and women's blogs in Afghanistan. It's all about pain and the release that manifests itself as a crusty stain of synthesizer music."

Do you get much feedback from your fans? "No, not really. They are just download statistics to us. The occasional influx of money from MP3 sales says we matter to some people, and every once in a while somebody clicks 'like' somewhere. We produce music for ourselves. The rest is like a side effect."

What do you see in the future for Flux Oersted and Dutch Cartoonist? "I think it is about 1 o'clock. That will be next for us."

Hear the Solid Mercury EP at Flux Oersted Music