Sunday, December 20, 2009

Season's Greetings

Things are slowing down here at the Institute, holidays coming and taking some time off to relax. I have to balance house chores with software editing and music production, but lately have been taken more by the chores around the studio. My brother brought me a weight bench a while back, and the only space for it was in my main studio, so I've been dodging that while working with my trusty old powerbook down there. Yesterday I finally put some more weight on the bar and started bench pressing that in between takes on the macbook. I'm sore as hell today, but happy with the fruits of my labor on the machines down on level zero.

Today, I'm languishing on the mezzanine level and washing dishes. I am betting that will be the norm until Christmas. So far, looking forward to a Nero Wolf marathon, and perhaps something else if I've been shaking the boxes right.

Stay thirsty my friends, and don't let them know you're thinking.