Friday, October 04, 2013

Indoors Outdoors

I'm writing a PBS drama about our cats and their lives among the stray cats that we feed called, "Indoors Outdoors." It will be a soap opera surrounding the indoor paterfamilias elder "Sir Charles Kitten", his two steely eyed vixen adoptees and the leading lady is the struggling outdoor cat, "Patches" and her clan. It features their attempts to maintain their place in the class hierarchy of Lawson Avenue and Self House.

Will Sir Charles sneak out to carouse with hot mama Patches? Will she learn that he is fixed? Can Emmy bite Patches on the behind through the glass window or will she cower when Patches traipses into the kitchen to eat the 9 Lives Indoor formula? Charles' addiction to Friskey's Party Time treats becomes widespread, "They're all doing it!" Meanwhile, the handsome gray cat from down the street visits, uttering his spooky talk to all the ladies. Saphie wants nothing better than to be an outdoor cat, or at least as far as the back porch. Will she become "backdoor friends" with the outdoors clan?

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