Sunday, July 20, 2008

Different Spheres

Up on the mezzanine level, Charlie and Emmy wait for me, but I'm still down here in the studio, working on things. The institute changed ISP's last week, and that has been keeping me down here on a fatter pipe than we currently have upstairs.

Do we dare borrow ideas from others? Sure, we do it all the time. But in my opinion it was in extreme bad taste that Ray Kurzweil patented Dr. Richard S. Wallaces AIML (ALICE) software in 2003. The patent claims to bring some improvements, but they are nothing that hackers haven't done on their own to the free software for years.

My opinion of Kurzweil is pretty low right now. What a truly bankrupt individual it takes to try and profit on a good man's ideas, let alone try to profit from something that was free and remains free, and is in the pubilc interest to remain free. Shame on you Ray!

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